Clydach Pet Foods Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is key for businesses and many are now totally on line.  The case study of Clydach Pet Foods. This is a great example of a business that specialises in naturally healthy pet foods which can be traced back to the farm.  Customers are very interested in the source of the food as buying on line can be difficult.  Grain free dog food is a speciality and in a competitive market it is important to show the customer the benefits of the brand.

Problems include :-

  • Performance – how will this help my dog ?  Clydach uses testimonials from customers.
  • Provenance-  the source of the food – so Welsh lamb from a specified farm
  • Satisfaction- showing numbers of people who have bought the product on a regular basis and for Clydach there is very high customer retention.

To create interest Clydach uses social media with Facebook.

Generating interest on a daily basis with customers engaging and telling their stories about their pets.  Video is a great way of showing the fun side and that all helps to create a positive brand image.

Developing Partners

Amazon is a great way to launch a brand and build awareness.  There is a fee to be included but the high traffic provides a good way to showcase the range of products. As Amazon is trusted it really helps to build trust in the product provided and so Clydach Pet Food will benefit from this association.

Of course digital marketing is not the full story as there are key partners and retail stores to develop.  There is online ordering of course and information resources to show the health benefits of the Clydach Pet Food for various problems the dog may have.  The partners appreciate the strong on line presence and that really helps to create an integrated marketing campaign.

This is a really good example of a business building a brand using digital marketing and creating corporate partnerships.

Holiday Cottages in Wales

ty coch 2There are hundreds of holiday cottages in Wales. So from a marketing perspective the key is to make sure that each holiday cottage in Wales is distinct from a holiday cottage in another area. It needs to be able to offer something special or different such as a great place to visit the fabulous beaches along the Welsh coast.


BarddWalking the Coastal Path is a great way to explore the amazing scenery and walk from one holiday cottage in Wales to the next.  The scenery varies from the coast to the more rugged mountains in the north of Wales. Snowdonia attracts thousands of visitors to the National Park where hiking the highest mountain in Wales is really popular. At over 3500 feet it is not an easy walk but a serious climb and after that enjoy relaxing in a lovely holiday cottage in north Wales.

Half way up SnowdonEnjoy some fabulous restaurants or maybe learn a little of the Welsh language and hear a choir or two especially during the rugby season. Whatever the reason to visit Wales there is a  lovely holiday cottage for you.

Starting to Learn Welsh

In my case learning Welsh as an adult started a few years ago with some frantic activity.  I am sure many learners are familiar with the Post it notes on the fridge door, the lists of vocab etc

Sadly it did not stick and it seemed that all I could manage was to listen to Welsh being spoken and pick out a word now and again. Clearly that is a million miles from understanding and yet I was stuck with a stream of noise or repeating sentences or playing games with dice in class.   In reality we mix and match depending on who we are with, the situation, what we want to say and so on. We change and chop but the books give patterns which are useful but there seems to be a disconnect from that to the understanding. I am told that comes later and in my case probably decades so.

So the different patterns are complex but I have rarely thought in English – ooh that is a conditional tense and now need to try to replicate that as I try to learn to speak Welsh


How Can Adults Learn Welsh

The question of how can adults learn Welsh or indeed another other language has been asked many times.  When I see friends teaching their kids to speak Welsh and in some cases two languages, it just works. If I think about the difference between an adult learner and I definiately put myself in that group, to the child.  The problem as one lovely Welsh tutor said, is that I can already speak English and I am constantly translating and trying to remember lots of new words, new structures of sentences and even a newish alphabet.

A child seems to know no different and just laps up the words so that it has a meaning of doing something from the very start.  Comes to something when  a child in Meithrin / nursery has more advanced language skills in Welsh than I do.  If there is a way to develop that natural context then maybe it would making learning Welsh a whole lot easier.

If I had a pound for everytime someone said, you need to speak in Welsh I would be very rich.  The problem is I just can’t as I don’t have the words and saying thank you and counting  to 10 is a bit limiting.

There is a great deal of research about the value of being bi lingual and how it helps the neural processes to develop. The benefits of expanding the ability of the brain the process information cannot be underestimated.  It is suggested that we only really use a tiny percentage of the capacity of our brains. So all I need to do is to make mine work a little bit more.  If only  I was three again and as that is not going to happen I need to find another way.


Learning Welsh my story

I decided it was time to practice what I preach and learn a new skill.  I have always wanted to speak another language and dabbled over the years since school with French and German.  Living in Wales, the obvious choice to learn was Welsh.  Family and friends etc speak it and so no excuse not to learn.  I work with a Welsh speaking business

How hard can this be I wondered?  Well actually very.  I started a few years ago on a Summer School or Ysgol Haf to my Welsh speaking readers and it was  great fun. It gave me the basics but then with all sorts of other things in my life it was a bit hit and miss.  Not able to attend class everyweek made it difficult. I should have pushed it up the priority list but there was always something else.

For some reason I could not find a way to make it stick. I tried reciting like a parrot, list of words.   Memory of a goldfish so that did not work – yellow sticky notes around the house, how was that supposed to help?  Making up sentences of words I knew, well that was easy, I could say hello and thank you.  Better when I could manage coffee.  Sadly I  struggled to hold a conversation with a 3 year old.  Got excited when I could count to 10- woo hoo, not a lot of help in everyday chat.

So I bought books by the dozen, CDs, videos. I am a walking bookshop and have a groaning book shelf. Looks mighty impressive but there seemed no way of the content coming alive.  So I lost interest, gave up on the 15 minutes a day which anyone can fit in. Of course I can but Monday became Tuesday and then Friday, so start next week.  A week became a month and then three months and I was going nowhere quickly.

So this is my story and I will report progress as I have a new method which fits in with my erratic lifestyle.  I am trying a system called Say Something in Welsh. It is just audio so we will see …………….


Digital Marketing Tourism Case Study

This is an example of a digital marketing tourism case study. This shows clear focus and content around a specific area- How could you improve it?

Visit the site and see for your self–

Just a little inspiration for you. At Bwthyn Tawel near Abergavenny– the name means peace and that says it all. You are in the heart of the Monmouthshire countryside with lots of choice of great restaurants and local towns. Feeling more energetic the Brecon Beacons is within easy reach as is mountain biking or strolling around local castles.

With stunning views across the Tywi Estuary. Trefenty holiday cottage is actually located on the All Wales Coast Path and just a few miles from Dylan Thomas’ Laugharne. Brimming with character and authenticity it is a Grade II listed 17th century farm cottage. Cosy and snug it is the perfect base for a family holiday, a break with friends or a romantic retreat.

Trefenty Holiday Cottage
Trefenty Holiday Cottage

If walking the Coastal Path is for you.

Swn y Don - Clarach Bay
Swn y Don – Clarach Bay

Swn y Don is a great location. The Path is just two minutes from the property, you can walk to your heart’s content. Enjoy the views of Cardigan Bay at its best, maybe take some great photos . Aberystwyth is a short drive with a range of great restaurants and local shops. The National Library of Wales holds fantastic historical documents and a great coffee shop.

These are just of our properties so enjoy and do as much or as little as you want and are all available to book now via Best of Wales or  calling 01650 511101

Fab Marketing Case Study

Ever heard of Fab?

No I don’t mean as in fab dress, film etc. Nor Faaabulous as in Strictly Come Dancing quotes.  It is a fab marketing case study that shows the basics of meeting customer needs and doing a great job really works.

 I am referring here to the design business. 

The statistics from the CEO below show why this is a Fab business.  It has been in existence for hardly anytime at all and just look at the numbers- now that is Fabulous —

Goldberg the CEO gives us some key addresses highlights:

  • Fab has sold 4.3 million products, or 5.4 products a minute. This holiday season, it sold 17 products a minute.
  • A third of Fab’s sales come from mobile with 56 percent on Christmas Day sales coming from mobile devices.
  • Total sales grew by 600 percent from 2011 to 2012. On a daily basis, two-thirds of sales are from repeat customers. Fab had several days in 2012 with sales of more than $1 million.
  • Q4 sales grew by 400 percent in 2012 with 30 percent of sales outside the U.S. Fab now sells in 26 countries.
  • 50 percent of Fab’s sales are home products while 20 percent are fashion and accessories. Jewelry and art make up more than 10 percent each. Fab now has 15,000 products for sale, up from 2,000 at the end of 2011.
  • Fab ships 75 percent of U.S. orders within two hours, compared to 16 hours last year. Customer response time is down to 15 minutes, from 48 hours last year.
  • Employee headcount is now 600, up from 85 at the end of 2011.
  • 15 percent of products sold in 2013 will be exclusive to Fab. Fab has worked with 7,500 designers

Many thanks to Dan Sodergren for the insight- check him out on mobile marketing.

A lesson to us all – and many thanks to –

Welsh Holiday Cottages

Welsh holiday cottages is a competitive market and all businesses need to be able to offer value for their customers. Marketing is basically simple. Keep your customer happy and your competitor miserable. So what does that mean for businesses today?
Best of Wales

Let’s use a case study of a company known as Best of Wales. It is a start up business that is a booking agency for Welsh holiday cottages. Nothing unusual there and it is not the only company in the market. In a short space of time it has grown from one cottage to 140 cottages, bookings are increasing, high satisfaction from both owners and visitors to the customers.
So what is the secret to success in the Welsh Holiday Cottages business? Identify a market- tourism in Wales – sure but then find a way of offering better value to the cottage owner and the visitor. So the visitor has a fabulous place to stay, high quality and with lots of choice of stunning locations. Add to that a wide range of activities from walking to coasteering, chill out or just enjoy sunset over the beach.
Welsh Holiday Cottage owners have freedom and lower charges. The systems used deliver service and the customer relationships are warm, friendly and knowledgeable about the properties and owners. So gaining an edge in the competitive market of Welsh holiday cottages is difficult but using the basic principles of marketing are key to gaining a share of the market
That is just a small insight so have a look for yourself and even book a cottage