Clydach Pet Foods Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is key for businesses and many are now totally on line.  The case study of Clydach Pet Foods. This is a great example of a business that specialises in naturally healthy pet foods which can be traced back to the farm.  Customers are very interested in the source of the food as buying on line can be difficult.  Grain free dog food is a speciality and in a competitive market it is important to show the customer the benefits of the brand.

Problems include :-

  • Performance – how will this help my dog ?  Clydach uses testimonials from customers.
  • Provenance-  the source of the food – so Welsh lamb from a specified farm
  • Satisfaction- showing numbers of people who have bought the product on a regular basis and for Clydach there is very high customer retention.

To create interest Clydach uses social media with Facebook.

Generating interest on a daily basis with customers engaging and telling their stories about their pets.  Video is a great way of showing the fun side and that all helps to create a positive brand image.

Developing Partners

Amazon is a great way to launch a brand and build awareness.  There is a fee to be included but the high traffic provides a good way to showcase the range of products. As Amazon is trusted it really helps to build trust in the product provided and so Clydach Pet Food will benefit from this association.

Of course digital marketing is not the full story as there are key partners and retail stores to develop.  There is online ordering of course and information resources to show the health benefits of the Clydach Pet Food for various problems the dog may have.  The partners appreciate the strong on line presence and that really helps to create an integrated marketing campaign.

This is a really good example of a business building a brand using digital marketing and creating corporate partnerships.