Basic Rules to Build your Brand

Just a few simple steps to develop the brand in difficult times. This shows best marketing practice for building the brand

Focus on the long term and where you want the brand to be positioned in the future. Focus on that be careful about short term tactics of price reductions. That can cause long term problems as it devalues the brand and alienates loyal customers

 Maintain the investment in marketing. In tough times the brands that continue to develop as the ones that are stronger and take  market share from  weaker rivals

 Be real and do not try to be too funny, too cool. If your business is about offering serious advice you must be seen as credible and avoid the temptation to go for gimmicky promotions. That will devalue the brand and decrease your ability to extend into new areas in the future

 Branding is about so much more than advertising. Build the brand from inside out. Focus on fabulous service and that comes from the employees. Everything your business does builds the brand, delivery and response to customers is key

Don’t just promise, prove that buying from your business will solve a problem for your customer. Make it simple and show the value added to the customer. Do not under deliver and over promise that is the fastest way to alienate customer and devalue the brand

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