Clydach Pet Foods Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is key for businesses and many are now totally on line.  The case study of Clydach Pet Foods. This is a great example of a business that specialises in naturally healthy pet foods which can be traced back to the farm.  Customers are very interested in the source of the food as buying on line can be difficult.  Grain free dog food is a speciality and in a competitive market it is important to show the customer the benefits of the brand.

Problems include :-

  • Performance – how will this help my dog ?  Clydach uses testimonials from customers.
  • Provenance-  the source of the food – so Welsh lamb from a specified farm
  • Satisfaction- showing numbers of people who have bought the product on a regular basis and for Clydach there is very high customer retention.

To create interest Clydach uses social media with Facebook.

Generating interest on a daily basis with customers engaging and telling their stories about their pets.  Video is a great way of showing the fun side and that all helps to create a positive brand image.

Developing Partners

Amazon is a great way to launch a brand and build awareness.  There is a fee to be included but the high traffic provides a good way to showcase the range of products. As Amazon is trusted it really helps to build trust in the product provided and so Clydach Pet Food will benefit from this association.

Of course digital marketing is not the full story as there are key partners and retail stores to develop.  There is online ordering of course and information resources to show the health benefits of the Clydach Pet Food for various problems the dog may have.  The partners appreciate the strong on line presence and that really helps to create an integrated marketing campaign.

This is a really good example of a business building a brand using digital marketing and creating corporate partnerships.

Digital Marketing Tourism Case Study

This is an example of a digital marketing tourism case study. This shows clear focus and content around a specific area- How could you improve it?

Visit the site and see for your self–

Just a little inspiration for you. At Bwthyn Tawel near Abergavenny– the name means peace and that says it all. You are in the heart of the Monmouthshire countryside with lots of choice of great restaurants and local towns. Feeling more energetic the Brecon Beacons is within easy reach as is mountain biking or strolling around local castles.

With stunning views across the Tywi Estuary. Trefenty holiday cottage is actually located on the All Wales Coast Path and just a few miles from Dylan Thomas’ Laugharne. Brimming with character and authenticity it is a Grade II listed 17th century farm cottage. Cosy and snug it is the perfect base for a family holiday, a break with friends or a romantic retreat.

Trefenty Holiday Cottage
Trefenty Holiday Cottage

If walking the Coastal Path is for you.

Swn y Don - Clarach Bay
Swn y Don – Clarach Bay

Swn y Don is a great location. The Path is just two minutes from the property, you can walk to your heart’s content. Enjoy the views of Cardigan Bay at its best, maybe take some great photos . Aberystwyth is a short drive with a range of great restaurants and local shops. The National Library of Wales holds fantastic historical documents and a great coffee shop.

These are just of our properties so enjoy and do as much or as little as you want and are all available to book now via Best of Wales or  calling 01650 511101

Fab Marketing Case Study

Ever heard of Fab?

No I don’t mean as in fab dress, film etc. Nor Faaabulous as in Strictly Come Dancing quotes.  It is a fab marketing case study that shows the basics of meeting customer needs and doing a great job really works.

 I am referring here to the design business. 

The statistics from the CEO below show why this is a Fab business.  It has been in existence for hardly anytime at all and just look at the numbers- now that is Fabulous —

Goldberg the CEO gives us some key addresses highlights:

  • Fab has sold 4.3 million products, or 5.4 products a minute. This holiday season, it sold 17 products a minute.
  • A third of Fab’s sales come from mobile with 56 percent on Christmas Day sales coming from mobile devices.
  • Total sales grew by 600 percent from 2011 to 2012. On a daily basis, two-thirds of sales are from repeat customers. Fab had several days in 2012 with sales of more than $1 million.
  • Q4 sales grew by 400 percent in 2012 with 30 percent of sales outside the U.S. Fab now sells in 26 countries.
  • 50 percent of Fab’s sales are home products while 20 percent are fashion and accessories. Jewelry and art make up more than 10 percent each. Fab now has 15,000 products for sale, up from 2,000 at the end of 2011.
  • Fab ships 75 percent of U.S. orders within two hours, compared to 16 hours last year. Customer response time is down to 15 minutes, from 48 hours last year.
  • Employee headcount is now 600, up from 85 at the end of 2011.
  • 15 percent of products sold in 2013 will be exclusive to Fab. Fab has worked with 7,500 designers

Many thanks to Dan Sodergren for the insight- check him out on mobile marketing.

A lesson to us all – and many thanks to –

Welsh Holiday Cottages

Welsh holiday cottages is a competitive market and all businesses need to be able to offer value for their customers. Marketing is basically simple. Keep your customer happy and your competitor miserable. So what does that mean for businesses today?
Best of Wales

Let’s use a case study of a company known as Best of Wales. It is a start up business that is a booking agency for Welsh holiday cottages. Nothing unusual there and it is not the only company in the market. In a short space of time it has grown from one cottage to 140 cottages, bookings are increasing, high satisfaction from both owners and visitors to the customers.
So what is the secret to success in the Welsh Holiday Cottages business? Identify a market- tourism in Wales – sure but then find a way of offering better value to the cottage owner and the visitor. So the visitor has a fabulous place to stay, high quality and with lots of choice of stunning locations. Add to that a wide range of activities from walking to coasteering, chill out or just enjoy sunset over the beach.
Welsh Holiday Cottage owners have freedom and lower charges. The systems used deliver service and the customer relationships are warm, friendly and knowledgeable about the properties and owners. So gaining an edge in the competitive market of Welsh holiday cottages is difficult but using the basic principles of marketing are key to gaining a share of the market
That is just a small insight so have a look for yourself and even book a cottage

Customer Service- Why Bother?

Many companies spend a huge amount of their budget on attracting new customers. Just look around at the number of promotions you see everyday. There is pressure on business to reduce costs and marketing is one of the departments guaranteed to be hit. It is a matter now of looking at the breakdown of the business and examining how the marketing budget can be most effectively spent.

It is well known in marketing that it is much more expensive to attract a new customer than to keep your existing customer.  Examine everything that your business does and ensure that it focuses on the customers and their needs. Really understand what they want and follow this up. Make sure that the product is delivered on time, it is what they wanted, it lives up to expectation. Focus on building the relationship, customers will tell others and that is so much more powerful that your promotions.

The marketing lesson is to really get under the skin of your customers and build that relationship. So how to do it?

Understand their needs, make the most of any customer interaction, use customer service teams to find out as much as possible about the need and how well your business is meeting that need.

Ask your customer to compare you and your competitors.

Build a benchmark of good performance.  Such as delivery in 5 days or call back in 24 hours. Opportunity to up grade, learn more, build your own are all examples of how businesses have adapted and changed.

If we look at examples of really good customer service and then examine the performance of the business. You would not be surprised to learn that companies that score well on customer service are keeping customers, up selling to them and performing better.

Recent winners of awards are First Direct that scored highest in the banking sector in a survey conducted bySatmetrix. First Direct scored 42% satisfaction compared with an industry norm of -4%.

Virgin and Sky scored well in the ISP business. Still in mobiles O2 did the business. Apple iPhone was miles ahead of the industry with a score of 67% compared to the industry average of  18%. This is a really good example of marketing practice

Customer service is so much more than dealing with complaints. It offers business the chance to really understand their customers, analyse their needs, build new products or services. It will also reduce costs and focus on making the business more effective.

So deliver and build the level of customer service. Do what you promise and make sure you know what to promise

Changing Car Industry- Strategic Alliance

In marketing practice, one of the key srategic decisions revolves around building relationships. Today Daimler, Renault and Nissan have announced a very interesting alliance.  They aim to share production but also to keep exisiting relationships with Volkswagen. This means that costs of development and generate common parts and technology given the green agenda.

The challenge for all car companies is to meet the challenge of the environmental pressures. This is costly and incurs a high level of risk. Good marketing practice suggests that reduction of risk is key.  Therefore this alliance has a number of really positive potential benefits.

This will build scale and offer huge opportunities for the future. Marketing practice suggests that this in difficult to implement in terms of brand. It will help the partners to increase competitiveness given the costs of innovation. This will push volume and generate lower costs.

“If you have scale but you don’t make scale work for you through sharing platforms and sharing engines and making smart decisions locally, geographically, scale is just complexity and confusion,” Ghosn the CEO of Nissan told a news conference in Brussels.

The brand of Mercedes needs to maintain quality and the use of Renault engines could confuse the market. So the alliance will need careful managment to avoid the problems Daimler encountered when it merged with Chrysler, which ended in 2007

Using Social Media in Crisis

The internet has changed our lives in so many ways.  The way companies respond to customers is no exception. If there was a crisis the business had at least 24 hours to deal with the problem. Now that time is cut to about an hour.

Immediacy is the big change and also the need to offer information. Eurostar has used Twitter as a marketing tool. Yet during the break down in the tunnel it avoided giving feedback via social media. This frustrated consumers who needed to know what is happening.

The way Virgin dealt with a train crash in 2007 is seen as best marketing practice. Get straight to the issue, confront the problem, be direct and sort the fall out. This is where Toyota suffered. They did not deal with the problem as a whole, it was a drip drip drip approach. Avoiding the issue never solves anything. They are fast becoming the way not to manage the crisis.

Steps for Using Social Media in Crisis

Be direct, clarify the extent of the problem

Confront the issues

Offer a solution

Take responsibility for communication. Social media really works very quickly so make it work for you. Or consumers will use social media against you