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Having really good feedback about the help I offer on the exam questions.  The way in which a structured exam answer is worked through with examples helps you to see how to pass your marketing exam. The stages of writing an exam answer shows you how to allocate and manage your time in the exam and to gain the best marks

It would be really good if you could add a comment and let me know which marketing exam topics I should include. It maybe a general question about exam technique or a specific question you need help with. Either way simply post a comment and I will outline an answer. You can chose if it is a written outline as a structure or a brief video. This will show you how to approach the question and then you can add the key points

Look forward to seeing your top questions

Marketing Exam

If you are sitting a marketing exam or a marketing test this semester, here are a few exam tips to help.

I won’t repeat the usual points about time management but will try to show how you can focus and gain higher grades.

If you think about what the examiner wants as the starting point. He/she is your customer. They need to know firstly, do you know your subject. E.g what is segmentation?  Here you outline the key principles, size of segment,  growth, profitability, number of competitors, needs of customers.  Focus then on the options to target and finally position. 

That is the start not the end of the question. Too many students learn and repeat the stages from the texts and leave it at that. Stronger students do more and gain higher marks.

To achieve higher marks in your marketing exam you need to show that you understand the concept. In this example segmentation. So take a business you like. It might be an interest or just a company that is in the news. You could start with an industry and then look at the various companies in that industry.

Take the jeans industry. Look at the overall size and growth of it. Number of competitors and then how attractive it is. You could then compare two types of jeans in that market. Look at the lower end of the market and then the higher end. Price is a key way of illustrating position. Show then how each of those businesses build their position in the market. So are you buying your jeans with a cool designer label or an own brand from a high street store or even a supermarket such as Tesco.

Show that the needs of customers are many and varied. Business must focus and build the marketing tools around the choice of segment and the needs of the customers in that market.

The marketing exam answer will ideally show that you know the topic. That is only part of the answer. Show that you understand but giving examples. Use topics you know or like, try to be different as the same text book examples will not make you stand out from the crowd.  If you like sport, take that as a theme, or maybe cars, or music. Build up a range of examples and think about giving the examiner some variety. This marketing test will show the examiner if you really understand how marketing works and can help businesses.

Finally the students that really stand out in any marketing exam are those who are able to show what the concept means for the business you have chosen. If you were the manager of that business would you be any the wiser. Ask the question, so what does that tell me? Can I use that information to improve my business. That is the secret to success in your marketing exam.

Marketing Exam, how to avoid failing

On the new Marketing Exam page I have developed an outline answer for a typical marketing exam question. It is based on marking hundreds of marketing exam papers.

It follows the stages of the ‘magic formula’.  Watch the video to see how that works. It offers structure and helps you to achieve higher marks. Most students are worried about failing and find that this technique is really useful in the marketing exam.

Let me know what you think

Marketing Exam-Free Download

Exams are just round the corner. If you are studying for a marketing exam and struggling to see how all of the components of marketing fit together. In any professional marketing plan there are key stages and key concepts that will be expected. If you need to understand this quickly you can access the plan here, it is simple exam of marketing practice

Download free help with your marketing exam Marketing Exam Help

Marketing students

If you are going to University soon, this blog will help you to apply marketing to your marketing exams and case studies. I have lectured marketing for a while now and find that students do not sometimes get the best marks due to poor technique. Often the exam or assignment is too theory based or alternatively lacks structure and any theoretical base.

Start with the required marketing theory. E.g. if you are asked about market segmentation. Show that you know what it is- a means of selecting the ‘best’ part of the market. So if the market is shoes, not all shoes but womens shoes and then really fashionable very expensive trend setting shoes. The examples or case studies bring it to life.

The case studies in this blog will help you to add reall insight into your assignments and usually I add comments so you can see the angle and how that helps you to focus on a key marketing concept

How to Study Marketing

I am often asked about the best way to study marketing. There are lots of different views on this but here are a few tips to help.

Marketing is a fast moving subject and it is all around you. There are hundreds of examples of good practice. So it is not a question of having to read text books alone. Perhaps there is too much information ? To be able to gain the most from your course it is essential to structure your time and focus on covering the syllabus.

If you look at the ‘Magic Formula’ in the Exam section, use that as the foundation for your work. Many students spend all of their time cramming facts into the short term memory. When they leave the exam very little it retained.

From the start, take the key concept e.g. market segmentation. Understand what it is, why it is used. Then to bring it to life take a case study and apply it. You might have a particular hobby or interest such as surfing or sport or fashion. Start with the industry and all of the competitors in in. Then show how they all related. Keep this case study going throughout the course and build up the examples week by week as your course develops. You will then have an easy way of remembering and applying. That reduces the need to memorise facts as it will be part of you. You can then use this material for assignments and perhaps take different companies in your chosen industry to give variation.

Exam Secrets

Some time ago I developed structure to help me to pass exams. Just don’t ask how long! Over time I have developed it into a format that can be used for both exams and assignments.
It is known as the ‘Magic Formula’ There are basically three stages and follow in a neat order
Firstly, the Concept, here you show you know the material ie what is market segmentation
Secondly, Application, show what you understand and use examples. Perhaps some of the case studies in the blog or from an organisation you work for. Imagine you are marking the company out of 10 for its segmentation, how good is it?
Finally, Evaluation. This is where you show what you will do differently and why. Proof is very important, don’t just promise, prove it is going to work. Download the video and let me know if it helps

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