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Chelsea FC relaunches Bridge Kids site LONDON – Chelsea FC has re-launched its new kids’ website, Bridge Kids, with new community areas and virtual sticker books.

Developed by John Brown, Bridge Kids supports the Bridge Kids magazine, published by John Brown since August 2008, to target junior supporters of the team.

The new-look site has ‘virtual sticker books’ that get kids returning time and again to add to, review and complete their collection online; video soccer skills tutorials from the club’s own playing and coaching staff; community areas; and fitness and nutritional tips and courses to make sure the next generation of footballers and fans alike are fit, active and healthy.

The site is free to access but requires parental approval and registration. They are also bringing news to fans via Twitter using the Stamford Lion as the tweeter
Source Marketing AUG 09

Marketing lesson Chelsea is using the well established tactic of building lifetime value. They are looking to gain loyalty from the kids so that they become a life long fan. In building this loyalty the costs of keeping these fans is much less that trying to convert new ones. The also act as advocates to build the brand.

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