Google Cool Tools

The structure of a blog is something that we take for granted. However if you think about reading a newspaper or magazine there are specific places on the page that are more expensive to advertise on. The right hand column is usually prime space. This has been determined by watching eye patterns on a page.

In a similar way best marketing practice suggests that some places in the front page of a blog attract the eye more naturally than others. For blog/website designers designing the front page is usually reliant on a theme. Lots of themes have the traditional two or three column format. Yet research shows that the centre of a page is the hot spot on a blog or website.

Check out this link and think carefully about your front page.  Let me know what you think

If you see the wordcloud below it looks cool. You can now build your own and it can be used to show the values of your brand or company. Good fun and so effective.

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