How to Study Marketing

I am often asked about the best way to study marketing. There are lots of different views on this but here are a few tips to help.

Marketing is a fast moving subject and it is all around you. There are hundreds of examples of good practice. So it is not a question of having to read text books alone. Perhaps there is too much information ? To be able to gain the most from your course it is essential to structure your time and focus on covering the syllabus.

If you look at the ‘Magic Formula’ in the Exam section, use that as the foundation for your work. Many students spend all of their time cramming facts into the short term memory. When they leave the exam very little it retained.

From the start, take the key concept e.g. market segmentation. Understand what it is, why it is used. Then to bring it to life take a case study and apply it. You might have a particular hobby or interest such as surfing or sport or fashion. Start with the industry and all of the competitors in in. Then show how they all related. Keep this case study going throughout the course and build up the examples week by week as your course develops. You will then have an easy way of remembering and applying. That reduces the need to memorise facts as it will be part of you. You can then use this material for assignments and perhaps take different companies in your chosen industry to give variation.

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