Exam Technique

How to Pass  Marketing Exams

My exam tips aim to help you to succeed in your marketing exams. They are based on many years of setting and marking marketing exams and assignments. 

Over time I have lost count of the number of marketing exam papers and assignments I have marked. Students make the same mistakes over and over. Try to follow the rules below to make sure you show off what you know. The usual mistakes are that the answers are only concepts or theory. It is a start but needs to show what you understand. That is where the application comes in. Other students write everything they know about the application. Especially if it is a topic they like. Again the marks are usually across the 3 parts of the ‘Magic Formula’ so make sure that you don’t address one part only. Few students ever get to the final stage of Evaluation. That is where the grades are really decided and where the higher marks are to be found. If you really want to show that you have put in the extra effort. Add in a well chosen and recent article from a journal. Harvard Business Review is a fantastic source of material www.hbr.org. That will give you the edge in your marketing exam.

Hope it is helpful

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