Marketing in the Public Sector

I have been asked to review books. Here is my first review, hope you find it useful and please post a comments and let me know what you think.
Marketing in the Public Sector Philip Kotler and Nancy Lee

For many years the private sector has seen the publication of hundreds of books with a chapter devoted to public sector. This book is different in that it is not only written completely for the public sector but offers a plan for change. At each step of this planning framework there are specific and real examples of how marketing is applied to the public sector. The established marketing tools are linked into the particular challenges of the public sector. It offers public servants a way to make the most effective use of limited resources.

It puts customer service at the centre and shows how Government agencies can offer better expereinces for their customers. It works with the principle that creating a culture breeds a mindset that is driven by the external customer. It uses the creativity of marketers to develop a partnership approach to the role and work with not for the customers.

Hope this helps you to develop the marketing plan for organisations
Marketing in the Public Sector: A Roadmap for Improved Performance

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