Marketing Practice- Social Media Luanches New Fiesta

Social media is all around us and marketer and business writers alike are suggesting that it is key part of the campaign and good marketing practice.

Ford are launching the new Fiesta in the US. They have taken social media to a new level. Instead of building a marketing campaign and incorporating social media into it. The launch is built on social media. This is taking the use of marketing practice to a whole new level.

They hunted for UTubers who wanted to build a community of their own, These people needed to be able to make videos and write the narratives. They needed to show orginality and take the launch of the car into a whole new world. The campaign is called Fiesta Movement. These story tellers are given a Fiesta which they taken into a range of different situations.

These situations were Fiestas having fun, going out, having an adventure, helping others. The story tellers used all the social media to build up the communities. They gained from the experience as did Ford, so a win win.

The result was 6.5 million uTube hits. Not bad considering there were only 100 story tellers, who were each given a car to use. This is an example of innovative marketing practice.

If you are sitting a marketing exam, use this an example of best marketing practice. Then, show that this generated 50,000 requests for information. The key to the marketing exam is to examine the conversion  from uTube views to actual sales.

Let us hope that the adventures were safer than the video below. Note that there is sound and that there is some bad language.

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