Ronaldo the Brand

When Christiana Ronaldo- World Footballer of the year moves to Madrid from Manchester United. The challenge will be more than just football. Ronaldo is an under developed brand and he comes with a record transfer fee. It is suggested that he will generate millions in revenue from sales of shirts and tickets.

The problem is that Real Madrid is often sold out for games and the challenge is to leverage more cash. The price of tickets could be increased. The other option is to build global relationships with key sponsors. At the moment he has Nike and Castrol as the main sponsors. For maximum exposure for the long term future sponsors need to be key global organisations. Once Ronaldo the brand is built then it can be used to enter the lucrative overseas markets and compete with Man Utd in Asia. The model is to copy the Beckham formula of 5 key global brands, that really set the scene for a footballer

Marketing lessons- branding the intangible, perception and entering new markets

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