Student Advice for Marketing Exams

The issue of exams usually frightens students to a point where logical thought seems impossible. Hopefully these simple tips will help you gain better marks in your marketing exam.

A few simple steps will help you to perform really well. The secret is in the preparation. Try to take each topic eg marketing tools, marketing communications etc. Then focus on each of the concepts such as the product life cycle, pricing and so on.

Usually revision shows that you can recall seeing the product life cycle the last time you looked at your notes. You know the stages and what happens in each. For many students revision stops there, that is the mistake.

Look for some really good examples of how that works in business. So if you work part time you can use that business. E.g if you work in a supermarket, follow that business. They have a huge range of products so you can chose. You might take say chocolate or white goods or books or insurance. If you have a particular interest such as music or snow boarding use that as your example. Once you apply the concept such as the life cycle to a real business it shows understanding. Also means that you are not trying to remember lots of stuff as that is hard to do. By applying it is so much easier.

Then you can examine how well that business is managing its new products or how well it builds the brand.

Hope that helps

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