Welsh Holiday Cottages

Welsh holiday cottages is a competitive market and all businesses need to be able to offer value for their customers. Marketing is basically simple. Keep your customer happy and your competitor miserable. So what does that mean for businesses today?
Best of Wales

Let’s use a case study of a company known as Best of Wales. It is a start up business that is a booking agency for Welsh holiday cottages. Nothing unusual there and it is not the only company in the market. In a short space of time it has grown from one cottage to 140 cottages, bookings are increasing, high satisfaction from both owners and visitors to the customers.
So what is the secret to success in the Welsh Holiday Cottages business? Identify a market- tourism in Wales – sure but then find a way of offering better value to the cottage owner and the visitor. So the visitor has a fabulous place to stay, high quality and with lots of choice of stunning locations. Add to that a wide range of activities from walking to coasteering, chill out or just enjoy sunset over the beach.
Welsh Holiday Cottage owners have freedom and lower charges. The systems used deliver service and the customer relationships are warm, friendly and knowledgeable about the properties and owners. So gaining an edge in the competitive market of Welsh holiday cottages is difficult but using the basic principles of marketing are key to gaining a share of the market
That is just a small insight so have a look for yourself and even book a cottage