Learning Welsh my story

I decided it was time to practice what I preach and learn a new skill.  I have always wanted to speak another language and dabbled over the years since school with French and German.  Living in Wales, the obvious choice to learn was Welsh.  Family and friends etc speak it and so no excuse not to learn.  I work with a Welsh speaking business

How hard can this be I wondered?  Well actually very.  I started a few years ago on a Summer School or Ysgol Haf to my Welsh speaking readers and it was  great fun. It gave me the basics but then with all sorts of other things in my life it was a bit hit and miss.  Not able to attend class everyweek made it difficult. I should have pushed it up the priority list but there was always something else.

For some reason I could not find a way to make it stick. I tried reciting like a parrot, list of words.   Memory of a goldfish so that did not work – yellow sticky notes around the house, how was that supposed to help?  Making up sentences of words I knew, well that was easy, I could say hello and thank you.  Better when I could manage coffee.  Sadly I  struggled to hold a conversation with a 3 year old.  Got excited when I could count to 10- woo hoo, not a lot of help in everyday chat.

So I bought books by the dozen, CDs, videos. I am a walking bookshop and have a groaning book shelf. Looks mighty impressive but there seemed no way of the content coming alive.  So I lost interest, gave up on the 15 minutes a day which anyone can fit in. Of course I can but Monday became Tuesday and then Friday, so start next week.  A week became a month and then three months and I was going nowhere quickly.

So this is my story and I will report progress as I have a new method which fits in with my erratic lifestyle.  I am trying a system called Say Something in Welsh. It is just audio so we will see …………….