Best marketing exams revision guide

Marketing exams soon? If you are worried then help is here.  I have lectured marketing for many years and find that students struggle to see how marketing fits together and confuse the concepts. They spend hours on revision with often poor exam results.  This revision guide will help to give you a clear structure for the exam. If you look at the Marketing Exam page there is help to show you how to structure a marketing exam question.

This will help you to revise quickly and effectively.

A simple step by step guide to the key marketing tools for less than a text book. It contains all of the key points you need to know and is easy to remember. If you just want to understand marketing jargon this is the easy answer.

This will give you a simple structure so you can see how the marketing tools relate to the marketing plan. How segmentation links into strategy. Once you easy see where the product life cycle and marketing strategy all fit, it will make revision so much easier

If you are a marketing student and want a quick revision guide then simply hit the Buy Now button and follow the instructions, it is only £10 much less than text books and much quicker than spending hours trying to understand how all of the marketing concepts fit together and what the marketing jargon means. It will help you to see all of the key concepts for your next marketing exam

”Thank you for the marketing exams help, wish I had found this before, marketing now makes sense” Lisa

Hope it helps

Exam Secrets

Some time ago I developed structure to help me to pass exams. Just don’t ask how long! Over time I have developed it into a format that can be used for both exams and assignments.
It is known as the ‘Magic Formula’ There are basically three stages and follow in a neat order
Firstly, the Concept, here you show you know the material ie what is market segmentation
Secondly, Application, show what you understand and use examples. Perhaps some of the case studies in the blog or from an organisation you work for. Imagine you are marking the company out of 10 for its segmentation, how good is it?
Finally, Evaluation. This is where you show what you will do differently and why. Proof is very important, don’t just promise, prove it is going to work. Download the video and let me know if it helps

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