Is Your Business Engaging-Best Marketing Practice

When we think about successful marketing most people will talk about advertising campaigns. The ad about the Meerkat for example. Funny ads are remember or those with a story that runs and runs. Nescafe was the first brand to run a ‘story ad’. This is where boy meets girl and the will they, won’t they story runs through the ads. Funny and interesting now the trick for marketing is to take that interest and create something more. Current marketing practice is using more humour to differnentiate in a crowded market

The advert is the start of the conversation. If there is no reply then it is one sided. Imagine you are in the shopping centre stood on a box with a megaphone, trying to sell your stuff. The reaction would be to avoid, or laugh. That is hardly good communication. So ads create that first impression. The task now is to go much further.

Businesses who take communication to a whole new level ask for a response. That response creates two way communication and engages the consumer. Then you have buy in and that is a whole new ball game. Consumers are interested in your business and can relate to it. You are not shouting over a megaphone, trying to be louder than the competitors. You are working with your consumer. That gives the consumer more power and they can then shape the products or services they want. The marketing term of co creation is built on consumers engaging with your business. The development of Twitter, Facebook etc are tools to make this happen. UTube relies on consumers to create the business.

The question is now, how far will your business go in engaging and allowing your consumers to shape its future? If you are a marketing student consider which businesses engage with their customers the most. This is an example of best marketing practice, the marketing lessons are to build that two way process and look through the customers eyes