Cadbury’s Retro Marketing

Cadbury is going back in time and giving some old brands a retro refit. Curly Wurly and Freddo were launched in the 70s. Fudge originated in 1948 and that too is making a come back. They are getting some new packaging which will be a nostalgia trip for those of us who are old enough to remember. Often retro tries to remind us of good times. Look back at the Cadbury’s packaging and it is easy to see the colours and style that have evolved but it is easy recognise the original design and logo.

Some brands are much older than we realise, WH Smith for example was established around 1700. Yet Google and Amazon rank much higher in the top brands, according to Interbrand. So longevity is a real challenge for brands.

Cadbury’s are not alone in using the nostalgia theme. Mini was a classic return for the icon that was so popular in the 60s. Mini has become a style statement this time round and attracted a new audience. It is more sophisticated and has all the modern gadgets. Even a sexy, soft top

The marketing lesson here is to build the brand heritage and yet to move with the times and to be on trend. Cynics might suggest that it is cheaper than new product development.