Mary’s Free PR

Mary Queen of Shops continues to change the image of Charity Shops. She takes her volunteers to London Fashion week. With her contacts she creates interest by styling celebrities such as Peaches Geldof. That generates column inches in the press and the obsession with celebrity works well for her.

The problem of getting good stock remains. That is until Mary develops D Day Campaign. Key businesses are targeted to see if their employess will donate interesting clothing. She working hard to build a new business for Save the Children. Her shop was given a target of £2000 per week, from existing taking of £900 The result is that sales are up, targets met and customers are spending more on the better range of stock.

This leads to a change in direction for this charity. The new approach is being rolled out over the 125 Save the Children shops

She has proved that charity shops are not the poor relation on the high street.