Brand Tiger

Could not let the recent press on Tiger Woods go without a post. Brand Tiger has been carefully built on the values of reliability, focus and achievement. The guy who came from nowhere and broke into the golfing world, not only that but became the best by some distance. He is credited with generating a huge industry of golf followers and also improving the standards in the game.

Hence the shock at the current headlines. So where now? Golf needs him to redeem his reputation. Sometimes it is the way a problem is handled that is the issue. This has not been ideal nor has the constant stream of headlines. He needs time to regroup and deal with the fall out. His sponsors can be seen to abandon in time of need which could be a bigger risk for them. One thing for sure is that golf needs Tiger, he needs reparation. Time will tell if he is able to rebuild. One key lesson is that whatever the brand it is so fragile it cannot be taken for granted

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