Will consumers pay?

For many years the Times on line service has been offered  free content. From June there will be a charge. This is a new approach and the risk is that consumers will switch to other free services such as the Telegraph. Or less direct such as television news. 

The Times is acknowledged to offer a wide ranging source of up to the minute news, articles and commentary. The BBC could compete as a free service and also dominate that space. This would mean that the Times will need to do more to persuade the consumer to pay. If this costs more than the revenue generated it will be a problem for the business.

If the Times need to generate cash it seems that there are other ways of achieving that objective.  E.g if someone registers and then accesses tailored content. It follows that advertising very carefully tailored to this consumer with links to selected products,  will generate revenue for the Times.

Time will tell if charging is a viable business model of if a customised service using tailored content and  advertised product is a stronger model

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