Best Marketing Practice-X Factor Goes Global

The growth of X Factor as a brand has been extraordinary. It has a multi million viewer base every week. The established stars that appear every week such as Rihana and Alicia Keys see a boost in their sales within days. For the weeks leading up to the final the music charts are dominated by the X Factor acts.  It is a really good example of marketing practice

This is now becoming a global event.  Simon Cowell and Sir Philip Green of the High Street retail fame are to join forces. They will take the show to Vegas with two stage shows a week. They plan two shows each week with pay per view. For the top 12 contestants they will sing in Vegas which is a huge dream.

This is a really good example of the way in which a brand can be firstly built and then extended. In this blog there have been other posts on this topic and it is one that will be revisited again

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